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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mount St. Benedict

Today was ying and yang, good and bad. On the bad side, I think I have to let go of bringing Tico here. It's FAR too complicated and expensive and stressful and ultimately I just have to know when to give it up. I can't think too much on it right now.

On the good side, I got to meet the lovely Elspeth! She picked me up, and we drove up to Mount St. Benedict's: (note: I didn't take this picture; I was too stupid to remember my camera)

We ate a snack, sat in a quiet courtyard that was cool and breezy, and then explored the nearby guest house: (again NOT my picture):

I could have sat here for hours. This was such a beautiful spot, with so many different shades of green, exotic birds (a perfect spot for birding), and a nice breeze. Luckily this area is quite near where I live, so I think I'll be back!

They make yogurt up here, and I just have to say that the strawberry yogurt is the best yogurt I've ever tasted, thick and creamy and flavorful without being too sweet.


At 2:43 PM , Blogger GirlBlue said...

Mt. St. Benedict yogurt is the best. Can't say I've ever tasted a flavour I didn't like.

Sorry about Tico :(

At 5:20 PM , Blogger S said...

oh, sweetie

maybe you can bring her in later on? maybe it just has to be postponed, not totally canceled?
as for the place you went, it looks lovely and soothing, and the yogurt sounds awesome.

At 5:26 PM , Blogger Sivan said...

hey there

i know i'm leaving 2 messages, but i've tried to make it so that now my name is left instead of just "s". let's see if it works.

ETA: looking at the preview, i think i did it. yay!


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